Continuum's Live Art Series
AvantGarden | Houston TX | 2012-2013 CLAS was Continuum’s first Artist Residency in Houston, granted by the entertainment venue AvantGarden. Continuum artists hosted a series of site-specific, performance art events and workshops from November 2012 to April 2013. The project allowed these artists to utilize every space of the often crowded night venue in experimental and provocative ways. CLAS was highly successful, helping emerging local performance artists expand their body of work, as well as educating the public about performance art as a medium. Participating artists: Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Unna Bettie, Hilary Scullane, Koomah, Joshua Yates, Jana Whatley, Nestor Topchy, Jim Pirtle. Kelly Alison, Evan McCarley, Daniel Bertalot, Salvador Macias, Raindawg, Zubi Puente, Y.E. Torres, Sway Youngston, Christine Cook, Tina McPherson, Black Magic Marker, Militia “Malice” Tiamat, Jana Whatley, Jessica Mendez, Chuz Martinez, Marisa R. Miller, Manola Maldonado Noelle Dunahoe, David Tyson Moore and Laurette Canizares and many more...
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