Glasscock | Subliminal Fixtures | 2015 | The East-Klectic Gallery, Houston TX | Photography by ReneeCosette | Video by Ronald Jones "Glasscock involved my inserting a large glass dildo all the way up my ass. It took about an hour to get it all the way in without straining. Part of the hour was spent with a smaller toy, in order to stretch and relax my anus enough to accept the larger one. The process of accepting a large, smooth object into my ass, over a fairly long period of time, evoked a feeling of ecstasy that was intended to be shared between the artist and the participants. I say participants rather than onlookers because it is impossible to look on this performance without participating. The performance was curated in a bedroom of the East-Klectic Gallery Air/Bnd, using light, fabric, and mirrors to create an ethereal sensation of the sublime, along with a sense of domestic intimacy. Male self-penetration is an act that is both private and taboo. While many men and boys might practice self-penetration, these things are not discussed outside of queer circles, and even then, only rarely. Glasscock was curated in such a way as to drain all prurience from the act itself by replacing the prurient with the sublime, the intimate, and the ecstatic. The only prurience was left in the minds of the viewers/participants to encounter as they saw fit." -Raindawg
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