I'm Turning Into One of Those People
I'm Turning Into One of Those People | Subliminal Fixtures | 2015 | The East-Klectic Gallery, Houston TX | Photography by ReneeCosette "This performance was a meditation on how my lifestyle had changed drastically in the past year. I did yoga for thirty minutes, meditated for ten minutes, watched a thirty minute video on wedding planning and took a test to fulfill the requirements for the Child Development Accreditation I was pursuing. During the performance the audience was invited to create a “Yes” circle. The yes circle is a diagram in which any and all things that the creator wanted to expand on or empower in their lives went inside the circle and anything that they wanted to shed went outside of the circle. I borrowed this technique from my Baptiste Yoga practice and used it to define the activities I took part in for the performance." - Evan L McCarley Duration: 3 hrs
Designed by CAT SCOTT
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