Man Under a Blue Board
Man Under a Blue Board | Continuum's "Bound" for The Lone Star Explosion | 2014 | Box 13 Art Space, Houston TX | Photography by Alex Barber & Jonatan Lopez "“Man under a Blue Board” was part of Continuum’s group exhibition, Bound, in the Lonestar Explosion 2014 (Houston International Performance Art Biennale). My intention was to make a portrait of myself by framing myself against the wall, underneath a 2” x 10” x 24” plank for 90 minutes. The performance was heavily influenced by a workshop led by Ryan Hawke that emphasized the concept of the artists as image, along with the durational performance. A personal fact that was known only to me at the time: the board came from a garden bed I had constructed and planted for a friend, who had recently left town and from whom I had become estranged. There was still dirt from the garden on that board when I put it on my head. In this way, I made a portrait of myself, while also entering into an artistic relationship with the weight of that estrangement. After 20 minutes, the act of holding up the board became uncomfortable. Within 45 minutes, I had picked a focal point on the opposing wall, and I was deep breathing to channel energy through my core and up my spine to keep holding that board in place. In an hour’s time, everything had disappeared, including all pain and discomfort, except for the focal point on the far wall. Fifteen minutes later, that disappeared too, and all that remained was consciousness." -Raindawg
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