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inside)(outside lonestar explosion 2014
the great god pan is dead
"lonestar explosion 2014 - the artist is pleasant by david b. collins" 05.21.2014
dmagazine "oak cliff showcase yields unprecedented spotlight to performance art" 08.22.2014
“The Inside)(Outside format was inspired by The Lonestar Explosion Performance Art Biennial in Houston, where the Dallas curators Starr and Brown performed in March. The connection between Dallas and Houston experiments was forged, a plus for the Dallas scene… While performance art in Dallas has become more popular, it’s often just a single act, or the icing on the cake at an art opening. Rarely is it done in extended festival form where performances can build on each other. This was an exception.” “No one challenged Collins or his menu. No one got belligerent or confrontational or naked. No one asked him to do anything inappropriate in "pleasant" company. And he didn't. Collins was a perfect gentleman, which was pleasant but not very satisfying. Unless, frustrating audience members with pleasantness was the objective of Collin's pleasant-present dichotomy.
If so, bravo. If not, I prefer him naked and green all over.”
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lonestar explosion 2014 clas
the great god pan is dead
"lonestar explosion 2014 - untitled by nikki thornton" 05.17.2014 the great god pan is dead
"continuum's live art series - night 4 (nsfw)" 05.21.2013
“In CLAS 4, I found the theme to be physical minimalism, a "muscle dance" if you will, a term which I gleefully and un-apologetically stole from Ms. Y.E. Torres. A majority of the performances seemed to be devoid of narrative drama, but replete with physical tension.”
“Watching Thornton's piece gave me that same impression. She gave no indication of the symbolism of her clothing or of the position of her legs or of her relationship to the pig or of her choice of location. She simply performed her task and left, leaving the audience to deal with whatever associations-meanings-emotions it conjured up in them.”
clas clas
the great god pan is dead
"continuum's live art series - second night (might be nsfw, depending on where you work)"
05.01.2013 the great god pan is dead
"continuum's live art series - opening night (part 1 + part 2)" 12.26.2012 + 12.07.2012
“It was an enjoyable experience, but an exhausting one.”
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“As I headed up stairs, I caught a glimpse of the schedule on a dry erase board propped up on the piano and Jonatan Lopez told me that Julia Claire was the host. I very quickly realized that Julia Claire was the most passive-aggressive host I'd ever had the pleasure of experiencing.”
tunnel fucking naked tutu-tuesday
pancho + lefty
"houston's downtown tunnels -meet- performance art" 08.21.2012 the great god pan is dead
"green blob saves cello fury from naked tutus (nsfw)" 08.06.2012
“last thursday i was introduced to the network of tunnels that run underground through downtown houston AND these tunnels were introduced to houston’s performance art community. the event was thought of and hosted by “david” a.k.a. “raindawg” and totally rocked !!!”
“I figured if they could turn me into a performance artist, who knows what other transformative powers their art might possess.”
submission iperform series
houston press
"submission" 01.14.2012 houston press
"friday night: continuum’s evening of amiable performances" 08.29.2011
Interview with Josh Urban Davis about Submission
“​Friday night at Spacetaker's Artist Recource Center Gallery (ARC), the performance collective Continuum presented a showcase of their playful and peculiar works, a medley of exhibitions wherein each performer commanded attention in turn.”
iperform series diverseworks revolution
culturemap houston
"viva diverseworks: revolution-themed avant-garde auction turns 10, draws artful protest" 06.23.2011
culturemap houston
"continuum searches for transcendence - and performance art heaven - with iperform"
“The hyper collecting inside DiverseWorks was belied by the commotion on the art space's front porch, where local collective Continuum staged a popup performance artwork protesting the practice of purchasing artists' prints instead of original works of art.” “Autobiography and a healthy skepticism of organized institutions are two ingredients found in performance art going as far back as the beginning of the 20th century…. The Houston-based collective Continuum carries on the tradition with iPerform.”
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