Secrets | The Lone Star Explosion | 2014 | Box 13 Art Space, Houston TX | Photography by Bianca | Video by LVP | Editted by Jonatan Lopez "I sat motionless in a storefront window and instructed the audience to write a secret on a slip of paper and drop it into a bowl in my lap. After depositing a secret, the participant took a slip of paper out of the bowl, read it out loud in front of me and the audience, and then they ate the slip of paper. At the end of the performance, I read aloud the remainder of the secrets and ate them. The performance was a cycle from, internal to exposed to internal again, of the secrets of the participants. First written, then spoken, then consumed; the secrets were transformed from internal pain to shared knowledge and physical consumption." -Evan L McCarley Duration: 1 hr 30 mins
Designed by CAT SCOTT
© 2015 Continuum Performance Art