Subliminal Fixtures
The East-Klectic | Houston TX | Jan. 31, 2015 Subliminal Fixtures featured an array of site specific and durational performances pieces investigating the home environment as an evocative object. Participating Artists: Lindsey Allgood, Emmanuel Nuño Arámbula, Caitlin Scott, Jana Whatley, Clay Zapalac, Evan McCarley, Jonatan Lopez, Sandy Ewen, Hilary Scullane , Josh Urban Davis, Julia Claire Wallace, Raindawg, David B. Collins, Y.E. Torres, Alex Tu, Ashley Mims, Aisen Caro Chacin. Sound performances by Baltazar Canales, Sandy Ewen and Garage Band Improv Jam, Documentation by ReneeCosette, Ronald Jones and Baltazar Canales. Hostess, Manola Maldonado and Unna Bettie.
Designed by CAT SCOTT
© 2015 Continuum Performance Art